Personal Stories

Our Church is made up of a wonderful mix of people, young and old and from all walks of life.  Read below some of their personal reflections and descriptions of their roles...

Hilary Weeks:Hilary and Pat

"It is important to me that the church is seen as a huge worldwide family.  As a mother and grand-mother I feel it is a real privilege to be involved with the young families within our community and to be able to share God's love with them.  I used to think that church was just for Sundays but since understanding that faith is 24/7 I have changed from being a shy and quiet 'behind the scenes' person to someone who really enjoys taking on more responsibility within our church community." 

Pat Jones:

"Back in 1998 I was asked by the late Michael Watts (then Churchwarden) if I would be willing to take part in the administration of Holy Communion. At this time I had been what we called at St Bartholomew's 'A Servant of the Sanctuary' for a few years. I was delighted to be asked and receive the Bishop's License.  It has been a great joy and very fulfilling. During this time I did not robe as there is no necessity for lay people administering the sacrament to wear particular vesture.  I was first asked if I would like to robe when I was invited to be Chaplain for Bishop Michael's visit to St Bartholomew's in August 2010. I am not sure what made me say yes, but I felt it an honour and a privilege. I have been Chaplain for Bishop Michael twice and Acolyte once. To be chosen to serve is something very special for me." 

Janet Bannister:

"I serve as a member of the PCC and a deanery synod representative. I was also fortunate to serve on diocesan synod for ten years. This gave me a true understanding of synodical proceedings and most importantly gave me an insight into how other parishes in the diocese spread the good news."

Sarah-Jane Smallpage:

"As Foundation Governor I am very fortunate to work closely with the children of Uley School and St Giles’ church. I provide one of the links with the church and represent the children and the church on the Governing Body. This role enables us all to work towards a closer understanding and relationship with the children and God."