Fabric Sub-committee

The Parochial Church Council (P.C.C.) has a sub-committee responsible for the fabric of all our three churches under the charimanship of John Wood. In addition to routine maintenance and churchyard work, we have carried out a number of major projects over the last few years.  These include:

St Giles Tower Roof – replacement of roofing material

St Giles Tower Roof – replacement of roofing material

Replacement of some 40 roof tiles at St Giles

Rehanging of bell when corrosion had weakened the supporting girders - Read more...

Repair of tracery and stained glass for the two west windows at St Giles

window before  window after

Above left: Before      Above right: After


Other major projects include:

1) Stonework repairs to the tower at St Bartholomew's Church, Nympsfield 
The work on the tower was completed in the summer of 2013, the weather cock restored and lightening conductor fitted. Grateful thanks to all concerned and for the additional grants and gifts towards its repair. Dedication and prayers for the work were made during the Family Summer Praise Service in July 2013. 

2) St Giles Church Clock
We have been fortunate in having the clock restored by the company whose recent work includes the “Great Clock of Westminster” Big Ben and the oldest clock in Salisbury Cathedral.  Read more...

3) Refurbishment of the interior at St Giles Church to give improved facilities for disabled access, worship and fellowship.  (Ongoing)